5 Tips For Single Women

For women in the unique season of singleness 


 1. Guard your body and your sexuality

Understand that the media is one of the main reasons casual sex is rampant. It is openly promoting careless and nihilistic sex. Those producing this immoral content profit off of your heartbreak and demoralization. They don’t actually care about the long-term effects it’s going to have in your life and in your future family’s life. Your peers are more than likely tempted/influenced by the same media.

Go against the grain. Have purpose, goals, standards —guard your heart, body, and your body’s most sacred places.


2. Visualize Your Future Self

Stop and think about where you want to be at 30 years old. Most girls are not encouraged to visualize life past their early 20’s/college years. But where do you see yourself at 25? 30? 35?

Will you pursue a college education? Will you work full-time after graduation? Will you get married or work a few years in your career first? When do you plan on having children? Will you work a 9-5 job outside the home? Will you instead do a side job or online hussle? Will the kids go to daycare or will you stay at home with them? Will you fully immerse yourself in family life? Will they go to public school, etc or will you homeschool?

It can be hard to think about this “so early” on, but it will help you plan ahead, to mentally and practically prepare which in turn, will help your future relationships with your husband and children. Visualization is key. It will enable you to evaluate/modify/strengthen your values and help you identify some struggles you may have with certain aspects of adult life.


3. Evaluate Your Upbringing

Spend time thinking about your upbringing. Which parts of it did you like/appreciate and which parts did you dislike (even resent)? Evaluate your past experiences and make plans for what YOU would do different —as a spouse and as a mother. No one is perfect but there is much to gain by learning from other’s mistakes and from our own first-hand experiences.


4. Focus On Self-Growth

During this time that you’re single, enjoy it. And by that I mean —embrace the time and ability you have to fully invest in your personal growth and hobbies.

The temptation is to loathe and despise this sometimes lonely or seemingly directionless phase but every season has it’s blessings and challenges. If and when you become a wife and mother, it will grow you exponentially —but it can be very trying too.

Don’t wish away this season thinking the grass is greener on the married side. The only thing that makes ANY season greener is if you put effort, work, patience, humor and most of all prayer into it. Do not waste your single season and you will learn to not waste your married season either.


5. Know How To Treat Your Man

Most women (especially on the right) are very much so looking forward to a husband, so prepare now for your future man. One of the best and fundamental things you can remember is that he is human, just like you. And that he is imperfect, JUST LIKE YOU.

Even when you’re married, when you are able to see him as your friend first and your lover, you‘ll remember to treat him with kindness, courtesy, light-heartedness (fun) and consideration. Be fair with the way you talk to him: your tone, attitude and countenance matter.

Treat him like you‘d want to be treated. Respect and kindness are the bedrock of trust and intimacy. He will be more than happy to treat you well (and be pleased to do so), if you learn to treat him with basic kindness, patience and respect.


- Bernadine




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