Baby Number Four’s Story So Far!


I know, a blog post ;O What on earth? 😆

I wanted to make a post today about my pregnancy so far :)

And soon after, I will continue writing blog posts on all the things y’all are interested in; family life, marriage, womanhood, motherhood, pregnancy, homeschooling, home-making, faith, and more!

But first, A BABY UPDATE! 

✨ Sidenote ✨ I don’t know how “professional” I’ll be on my blog. It will all depend on the topic and my mood (haha!) I feel like approaching it in a casual conversational way so that 1) I will more freely flow in my writing/be less intimidated by the task (lol) and two) because it feels like I’m writing a letter to you!

So here we go!


As many of you know, I am pregnant with baby number four!

We actually found out on Father’s Day


During the month of June, I had been quite the emotional roller-coaster (my dear husband, bless his heart…) 🎢 I had a big emotional break down mid-June and I subconsciously thought it was odd and I even thought to myself (though I would not have admitted it out loud) that I was beh extra. Anyways, I’m pretty regular as far as my cycle goes. It’s basically like clock-work. So when my cycle didn’t start the day it was supposed to in June, I found it odd. I told Lawson but we decided to wait another day.

 That next day, we ate out at a Mexican restaurant and while we were eating that evening I realized I STILL hadn’t started :O So on our way home from dinner, we stopped by The Dollar Tree store and I bought two pregnancy tests. 🌳 (These are the tests I‘be ALWAYS used with all my pregnancies and even though they’re only a dollar, they’ve been super accurate and I’ve had no problems with them at all!)

We got home and I wasted no time! 😆 Lawson was on the front porch trying to bring in one of our cats that had ran out the door right before we left for the Mexican restaurant and I showed him the POSITIVE test as he was squatting there calling the cat. 😂 He said, “No way?!” with a shocked and pleasantly surprised look on his face.

I couldn’t believe it either!! I was like, “Wait?! Is this real?! Wait, HOW?!” We were both surprised. My jaw dropped and I was wide-eyed!

This is the first pregnancy that we had not “planned”, but it doesn’t mean we didn’t want it. I knew I wanted to have more children but I had said to myself, maybe we can try again in one or two years. LOL

But honestly, before the positive test result, during the month of June, I had this weird feeling like there was another member in the family –isn’t that odd?

For example, I remember this one time we were all out in the backyard, playing and doing stuff with the garden, etc. I was sitting on the little trampoline, petting Hazel (our dog). Our three kids were right in front of me playing and running around. Then I suddenly thought to myself, “Wait, we’re missing someone...where’s…?” I looked around the backyard with a confused look on my face, but also fully aware that all three kids were with us. 😳🤔

I also started having a heightened sense of awe and wonder watching our youngest, Scarlett (who is a year and a half), doing every day stuff around the house –walk her toddler walk, talk her toddler talk, look around, observe objects and watch life all around her. My heart melted just witnessing her little life. I almost teared up just watching her exist. 

I had a renewed sense of “Wow, look at that precious, beautiful little life… we brought her here… God did that. She’s in our life.” ❤️

Because of all these things, even subconsciously, my desire for another baby was growing. I wanted to plan it out years from now, but little did I know that our little peanut was already with us, rapidly growing in my womb during that time.

Of course I have also dealt with worry, especially with all that’s going on in the world. But ironically, I feel I have less worry now than before I learned I was pregnant. Why?

Because I know God loves this baby.

I know He has good plans for him or her. I know that He knows what He is doing and this child is in our life, in this time, for a reason. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God loves this precious life and will take care of him or her. That has given me extra assurance that He will take care of us and of those who will trust in Him.

It has reminded me of His goodness, His attentiveness, and His sovereignty.

Being a pregnant woman during these crazy times makes me focus all the more on what truly matters: love, hope, life, family. These are the things worth fighting for. 

As I’m writing this, I’m 15 weeks pregnant. We are due near the end of February. For the entire month of July and some of August, I dealt with major fatigue and nausea. 😫😴 I mean, I don’t know how to compare or gauge it with others’ experiences, but it was the most that I had ever had out of all four pregnancies! I lied in bed almost half the day some days, feeling just awful.

But apparently this was a good sign as the hCG level were high, meaning a healthy pregnancy/baby. I could NOT have survived that time without Lawson stepping in and carrying the major load with the children and home while I built this baby in my womb! I literally could not have done it without him. Thank God for my husband. T-T

Early-ish August, the fatigue and nausea lifted almost overnight and I’ve been back to normal ever since (which is how it usually goes for me when I reach the second trimester). Now I’m in full nesting-mode and Lawson has to remind me to sit down and slow down, lol. 🐣

But anyways, that is my story so far for baby number four! If it’s a boy, I want to name him William (look up the name meaning, it’s epic). If it’s a girl, I may name her Eleanor (which is the name I gave my gray kitten until we found out that she was actually a HE and I changed it’s name to Elliot LOL). 🐱💙💖

Thank you so much for reading this blog post <3 What a very interesting first trimester it has already been! Until next time :)

Blessings to you!

- Bernadine (and little peanut) ^____^



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